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Patent-infringement warning

by Neena Pellegrini |

Hi everyone. I would like to issue a piracy warning to all of my Pants for Dogs customers. 

I recently became aware that Kris Gomez of Shawnee, Kansas, is infringing my patent (#D638,175) for thongs for dogs. She is manufacturing and marketing a design that is effectively the same – if not identical – to my patented design. (Even if the fabrics or embellishments are different, the design is not and therefore still infringes.)

 My patent attorney, Dylan Adams, has issued a cease and desist letter to her, which she has acknowledged but appears to have disregarded. Both Dylan and my litigation attorneys consider this a clear violation and a serious matter. Frankly, I did not go through the time and expense to design and manufacture a unique product – and protect it with a federal patent -- so it could be pilfered. 

As longtime customers know, Pants for Dogs is a small business that has spent years crafting and devising products for the specific needs of your dogs. All garments and gear are specially produced by a professional Seattle-area production team. We use only the best materials and strive for the highest quality. I care about the details. In fact, many of my garments –  thongs, leg protectors and patented top-knot pillows – were created because of your feedback and specific requests.  The infringement by Ms. Gomez erodes the brand that I have carefully cultivated. 

Pants for Dogs’ thongs is an original patented design, which means it cannot be made, used, sold or offered for sale by others without our consent. I have notified the Poodle Club of America about this infringement and will be contacting other clubs and venues, should the problem persist. 

Thank you for your loyalty and business.

Welcome to our new website!

by Neena Pellegrini |

More products, new fabrics and exclusive designs just for you!

For starters:

  • Our patented Thongs for the girls are in new expanded sizes and fabric colors.
  • Our patented Top-Knot Pillows for grooming — now comes in 3 sizes
  • The Briefs — with and without tail holes — are in more sizes and fabric colors.
  • We have a new French-Cut Panties for a different kind of fit.
  • Cummerbunds are now in two styles — straight and contoured
  • The Fig Leaf for small dogs in show coats.
  • We now offer Leg Protectors for standard and miniature poodles — or for any dog whose leg hair must be covered.
  • The Collar Covers for coated breads — in flashy colors come in standard- and mini-poodle sizes.
  • Our couture-designed Pee Jackets are specially fashioned to protect the chest and front legs of dogs in full show coat. These originally were made for standard poodles, but owners have found them useful for other coated breeds.

Please let us know how you like our new look and product on our Facebook page. Share your photos of your dog wearing any of our products. We'd love to see them!

Have you noticed the big changes in our Thongs?

by Neena Pellegrini |

The ever popular Thongs for Dogs has a NEW sizing system!

Instead of the traditional sizing names (extra small, small, medium, large, etc.) we have shifted to sizing numbers from 1 to 12.

Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and if you are going to invest in panties or thongs for a dog, our Thongs should fit well and be comfortable. So, given the unique design of our patented Thongs design, six sizes were not enough. Plus we found that not all dogs fit what we offered.

So, we made some changes.

We now have sizes that should fit most dogs, from the tiniest Chihuahua to the most robust English Mastiff — and everyone in between.

For example, our most popular size is a medium, which is now a size 7. It fits most Dobermans, boxers, standard poodles and the like, but not hounds.

The giant breeds have the same issue. Bullmastiffs usually wear a size large, which is now a size 10. So do most great Danes. However, a size 10 sometimes is not quite long or wide enough for bigger Danes or other giant breeds, such as Newfoundlands or Leonbergers. So, we made a size 11. It, too, is longer and slightly wider.

The largest — size 12 — was made exclusively for English Mastiffs. It is huge and covers just what needs to be covered on a 185-pound girl.

It is always about the fit!

Our sizes and designs are different from anything else on the market.

by Neena Pellegrini |

We've learned over the years that sometimes owners miscalculate what size their dogs really wear or try to compare our sizing with other commercial brands.

For the best fit, measure your dog and compare those numbers to the measurement Sizing page on this website. It will help you decide what style and correct size to order.

And if you are stumped — or just not sure — go to our Contact page and shoot us an email or give us a call. We'll get right back to you as soon as possible and help you figure out sizing for your dog.