Here’s what our happy clients have to say.


Love the French Cut Briefs!

Thank you for the French Cut Briefs! I bought 3 styles for my young dog, Lagotto Romagnolo and the French Cut Briefs were the best pairs of briefs for comfort and fit. She started to run when she saw them. They are so easy to put on and I love the closure. It doesn't impede movement or slide down at all. I'm ordering a second pair for my dog!

September 2023


From another happy customer!

Our Top-Knot Pillow arrived today! And we LOVE it!

I am just beginning to grow out Orion's topknot and and a friend of mine recommended you for this product!

Thank you for your great service!!!

January 2018

You know how to make a Doberman smile!

Just received our new French-Cut Panties from you. I've tried everything! My Doberman ran from me whenever she saw me grab the store bought briefs. She had sad eyes when I  put them on and would not move. But, your product solved that immediately!

Great fit for my Doberman and she is happily running again!

Thanks you!!!

January 2017

We Love Your Pants for Dogs!!

Thanks so much for the Elephant Print Jumper.

Our French Bulldog "Lady" is so much better protected now that she has it. We had many nights where we struggled to keep her undies, diapers or pads on her body. Being a Frenchie in heat is hard work.

The first cycle we had her, I took baby onesies and a DIY's diaper with elastic "suspenders". I did sew most of it but the straps were held by safety pins. We got our workout every time we had to take her out or she'd rub her back under the coffee table to purposely get the jumper off.

Thanks again!! We love your Pants for Dogs!!!

"Very proudly owned by Lady"
November 2016

Great Job!!

I absolutely LOVE the contoured cummerbund I bought so much that I will be ordering one for my other dog too! Great job! I will tell everyone I know about this cummerbund and your products.

I saw the cummerbund on a dog at my vet's office. This dog hangs out at the office during the day with his owner who works there and has a tendency to pee because of all the other dog scents around.

Thank you for a great product!

August 2016

Love Your Products

Just wanted to take a moment to say how much I love your Panties for Girls !

I bought my first pair at a dog show in Pomona many years ago. I have Ibizan Hounds and Whippets and your Panties for Girls fit them perfectly. In addition to a great fit, they are soft and must be comfortable for my girls because they have never tried to take them off (they wouldn't keep other brands on).

Soon after purchasing the pair at the show, I ordered two more pairs. They have been used by three girls and passed down for years. They still look new after many washings. I just ordered another pair for my little whippet!

Thank you for a great product!

Warmest Regards,

Penny Martin
Someday Ibizans
April 2016

Cummerbund Success

Thank you so much for the cummerbunds that arrived yesterday.  And thank you for the extra PishPad one.

My boy wore an ordinary one last night and it was amazing. He slept through the night and was very comfortable.  Previously, he was waking when he leaked and would be distressed. He had been sleeping on peepee pads to contain any leakage, but your cummerbund obviously applies enough pressure that he feels secure. Leakage was contained easily and he was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning – so was I.

This photo was taken this morning, and he was so comfortable, I could hardly stop him from playing so I could take the photo.

Such a simple solution, I am so pleased I was told by a friend about dogs pants that used lady’s pads.  A quick search on the Internet, and here we are with solutions to the problems our older pets and foster dogs can face.

Thank you so much again.

Kind Regards,
May 2014

P.S. Please feel free to share my recommendation of your products – I am.


Thongs are the Best

Juno is a working K9. She is a 3.5 year old Belgian Malinois, and I use the thong for her heat cycles.  I've used bigger doggie pants, which she hates, and even underwear and a safety pin, which gaped and didn't always do the job.  Of course, I did not get the doggie pants from you.  I'm sure the ones you design are great. I'm extremely happy with the thong. I'll be sticking with that and recommending to friends. 

January 2014


Just a Thank You and a “Good Job!”

I bought one panty and one thong for my girl when she was just a pup.  She finally came in season for the first time this week – as soon as we arrived for 4 days of out-of-state shows!  Of course, I didn't have the pants with me, and so I had to buy disposable dog-diapers.  They didn't fit well, did not look comfortable and I couldn't wait to get her home to try the ones I got from you.

So we got home and she is wearing the thong.  It is wonderful!  So non-restrictive, and she acts like she doesn't even know she has "pants" on.  The ones you make are so soft and well made.  I appreciate your attention to detail, excellent customer service and a SUPERIOR product.  I just posted your web page (thongs) and a recommendation on my FaceBook page.  

Thank you!

Richmond Virginia
March 2014

Stella's Pants

Hello Pants for Dogs,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Bouvier Stella's new pants! They are absolutely beautifully made and are extremely functional as well! Stella used to wear adult diapers which always matted the hair around her tuck-up. No more mats! She is also happy to wear them and seems to know she looks good!

January 2011