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Patent-infringement warning

by Neena Pellegrini |

Hi everyone. I would like to issue a piracy warning to all of my Pants for Dogs customers. 

I recently became aware that Kris Gomez of Shawnee, Kansas, is infringing my patent (#D638,175) for thongs for dogs. She is manufacturing and marketing a design that is effectively the same – if not identical – to my patented design. (Even if the fabrics or embellishments are different, the design is not and therefore still infringes.)

 My patent attorney, Dylan Adams, has issued a cease and desist letter to her, which she has acknowledged but appears to have disregarded. Both Dylan and my litigation attorneys consider this a clear violation and a serious matter. Frankly, I did not go through the time and expense to design and manufacture a unique product – and protect it with a federal patent -- so it could be pilfered. 

As longtime customers know, Pants for Dogs is a small business that has spent years crafting and devising products for the specific needs of your dogs. All garments and gear are specially produced by a professional Seattle-area production team. We use only the best materials and strive for the highest quality. I care about the details. In fact, many of my garments –  thongs, leg protectors and patented top-knot pillows – were created because of your feedback and specific requests.  The infringement by Ms. Gomez erodes the brand that I have carefully cultivated. 

Pants for Dogs’ thongs is an original patented design, which means it cannot be made, used, sold or offered for sale by others without our consent. I have notified the Poodle Club of America about this infringement and will be contacting other clubs and venues, should the problem persist. 

Thank you for your loyalty and business.