• Jumper (without tail hole)
  • Jumper (without tail hole)
  • Jumper (without tail hole)

Jumper (without tail hole)

$ 45.00

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Product Description

Not all fabrics are available in all sizes.

To order, first choose your size, then find the fabric available in your size by viewing the swatch image to the left.


Unisex panties with bibs and suspenders are guaranteed to stay on the cleverest escape artists. Medium and large sizes are made specifically for English Bulldogs. Choose the small size for French bulldogs and Boston terriers.

These panties go on easy and attach like briefs. The bib goes on the dog’s chest. Position one horizontal strap under the dog’s chin. Slip the dog’s head through the vertical straps and click the panties to secure. Position the second horizontal strap behind the dog’s neck. If there is room on the back, you can crisscross the vertical straps for extra security before clicking shut.


Small Small 15" to 21" 13" 18" $45
Medium Medium 18" to 24" 36" 18" $45
Large Large 19" to 26" 36" 41" $45

Jumper (without tail hole)  |  Sizes to Breeds (guide only)

Small French Bulldog, Boston Terrier
Medium English Bulldog
Large English Bulldog

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