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Product Description

Click on the fabric swatch image to the left to view the fabrics available for the Standard and Mini sizes.


Our Collar Covers are thick bands of soft, slick fabric that you use in place of a collar on a coated-breed dog. The collar features a lead made of sturdy stainless steel chain that is built into the garment and covered with an attractive ribbon. Ribbons may vary in pattern. Just slip the Collar Cover over your dogs head, attach the leash and pull to tighten to fit.

The Scarlet and 24K collar fabrics have a gold toned chain to coordinate with the colors in the ribbon. These special chain are priced $1.00 more.

Unlike other collar covers on the market, the Pants for Dogs brand does not have seaming on the inside. No seaming means no rubbing or irritation to the dog’s neck.


Standard only 5" wide x 23" around $35.00

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Type: Coat Protectors    
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