Briefs for Girls

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Product Description

Not all fabrics are available in all sizes.

To order, first choose your size, then find the fabric available in your size by viewing the swatch images to the left.


The brief for girls look like baby pants with a hole for the tail. Pretty cotton fabric outside, soft cotton flannel or microfleece inside to prevent chafing. There is room in the interior for all or half of an adult sanitary napkin or incontinence pad under the tail hole. Elastic around the legs provides a snug fit, and the pants velcro around, at the waistband.

The exterior is made with washable cotton, and the interior is lined with soft microfleece.


 Petite 10" to 12" 1" to 5" $25.00
X-Small 13" to 14" 5.5" $25.00
Small 15" to 19" 5" $25.00
Medium 18" to 22" 6" $35.00
Large 22" to 26" 7" $35.00
X-Large 26" to 30" 9.5" $38.00
XX-Large 30" to 44" 9.5" $38.00

Briefs for Girls | Sizes to Breeds (guide only)

Petite Maltese, Brussels Griffon
X-Small Havanese, Bichon
Small Beagle, Westie, Whippet
Medium Standard Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Doberman, Boxer, Dalmatian
Large Lab, Ridgeback
X-Large Great Dane, Bull Mastiff
XX-Large     English Mastiff

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