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Product Description

Pants for Dogs’ face coverings for women

Limited edition family packs of six cotton face masks for $25

In this time of coronavirus, our customers wanted — needed — face coverings to wear when they run to the store or for quick outings in public. 

Not everyone can make face coverings easily or well. If you can, we applaud you and encourage you to do so. But if you can’t, perhaps we can help.  

We can honestly say that we hadn’t intended to make masks. It is not in our wheelhouse. We make products for dogs, not their owners. But there is a need right now for some customers, so we will be making them until the need evaporates. We sincerely hope that will be sooner rather than later.

The pricing on the face coverings are as inexpensive as we can make them. They are for those who don’t sew and need them in these trying times. We are only charging our sewing costs, plus shipping.  There are no returns on face masks.


Our face coverings are:

— Made of two layers of 100% quilting-quality cotton fabrics. Machine washable.

— Fit snuggly around the nose and over the ears with elastic. 

  NOT medical grade. These are for the general public, not for medical professionals or for medical settings.

— Available in three sizes: Small-Medium; Medium; Medium-Large. The cloth portion of each size of the mask is the same. What makes the size different is the elastic that fits around the ears. 

Size Small-Medium fits a teen’s or petite woman’s face; the elastic is 5 1/2 inches long. Size Medium fits an average-sized woman’s face; the elastic is 6 1/2 inches long. Size Medium-Large accommodates a broader woman’s face; the elastic is also 6 1/2 inches long, but is has more flex. You likely will gain two inches on each side of the size large.  

— Each pack of six is a mix of fun and fashionable fabrics and colors.  You will not be able to pick your fabrics. You will have to trust us to send you a nice selection. You’ll have spares to wash, keep in the car, your handbag, give to friends.

— Newly added: Celebration masks. Pack of six orange cotton masks with birthday candles. Size medium only. A fun favor for a party - virtual or otherwise, and a useful gift for the birthday girl and her friends. (Featured in last two photos of photo gallery.)

— Professionally sewn in Kent, Washington.



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