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Product Description

To order, first CLICK on the fabric swatch image to the left to view the specific fabrics available in your size. After you decide on the fabric in your size, click above to "pick a size" followed by "pick a fabric" and "quantity" then ADD TO CART.

Do you want to walk your standard poodle in the rain but don’t want to deal with a wet dog? Are most coats too heavy for your dog? What about those dreaded snowballs that attach themselves to your dog’s legs and chest?

Pants for Dogs has a solution, with our waterproof rain suits.

Our suits are made of high-quality, light-weight, waterproof fabric that does the job. Easy on and easy on, with one sturdy zipper up the back and an adjustable drawstring to synch at the waist. They are designed to keep your dog’s coat protected against the elements without overheating or adding unnecessary weight or girth to your dog. Machine washable, line dry. Our garments are made to last.

The full-body suit has a long hood to cover the neck and top-knot area. It can be folded back to accommodate each individual dog.

We’ve tried to think of everything. The suit covers your standard poodle from nose to tail area and all four legs. All that is exposed are the feet, tail and “plumbing.” There are elastic straps on the legs with Velcro closures to keep the fabric in place as your dog moves.

The rain suit comes in one size for standard poodles.  The size is quite forgiving for a range of sizes. It is only available in red at this time.

There is not a leash hole, so there is no crevasse in which water can seep. You’ll need to fasten the collar and leash after you put on the rain suit.

You'll love our rain suit.

Large Neck: 28"
Length: 14"
Un-cinched Chest: 38"
Body & Neck Length: 36"
(from tip of hood to base of tail)

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